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Is Pressure Washing Allowed During the Drought?

Even with our wet winter, San Diego Power Clean, Inc. is equally aware and concerned about our area’s long term water shortage. With that said, we also know that it is imperative to keep sidewalks and other hardscape areas clean and safe.

Current state and local water restrictions are directed toward business owners and residents that wash down their hardscape with a garden hose. This method uses a significant amount of water and is not allowed.

Pressure washing is allowed.

Professional power washers use far less water and can make much more of an impact. The amount of pressure our machines produce allows us to use much less water and clean surfaces quickly and efficently. This makes pressure washing a more precise cleaning method and water wise choice. Add to that our ability to make hot water, pressure washing meets all of your hard surface cleaning needs and is allowed under state and local water restrictions.

In addition, we always comply with the county’s waste water reclamation regulations to curb storm water pollution.

Pressure washing is needed to:

Maintain the value and integrity of your property.
Maintain the cleanliness of your space.
Sanitize store fronts and trash areas to keep them free of grease and dirt.
To keep areas safe from mildew, moss, algae and other safety and health hazards.
In addition to keeping your outdoor areas clean and safe, pressure washing also keeps your interior areas clean and safe. By keeping the outdoor areas clean, you prevent the dirt, grease and grime from being tracked inside.

At San Diego Power Clean, Inc. we take our role in water conservation seriously and look forward to working with you to meet your needs in the most environmentally sensitive way.

Let the experts with the tools and the know how keep your home and business clean and safe – even during the drought.